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I love fashion and I want you to as well! I have my eye out for the trends and my eye on the classics!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Take A Dip!

Dip dyed clothes and even accessories have come back in full force this season! And they are more versatile than ever. You are now seeing not only bright colors being dip dyed but also darker shades so this is a trend that you can find both in day and evening wear! I will show you a variety of both!

Here is my first pick of the day this shaded magenta skirt from Express for $49.50. You could easily play on the bright or dark side of this skirt depending on the time of day or occasion!

How about accessorizing with this dip dyed scarf? Available in three colors, it would style up a crisp white t shirt or tank easily! This one from Kmart for $6.39.

My next three selections are a little more pricey than I like BUT I feel they are totally worth it if you have something special coming up or a little extra cash saved!

I think this dress is amazingly chic! The roped look of the straps is a great detail and sort of gives this dress the "goddess" look. This dress is $169.99 from Bluefly.

Next up I chose this truly elegant silk top available at Nordstrom's for $98. This piece also has the twisted straps and the graduation of colors is like a feast for the eyes!

And finally...for my last piece I chose a stunningly shiny bag! The shading is splendid! Made by Guess and costs $115.

Wasn't that fun? Another great reason why I think this will be one of the best years in fashion yet!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Inspired By Nature!

Birds, butterflies, trees and more! They are all part of nature and they are all finding their way to adorn our wears! Everything from shoes, jewelry and dresses.

I happen to be partial to particular swallows! There is a lot of pretty jewelry out there decorated with these little guys. Check out these cute locket earrings from Target for $17.99.

What about these adorable peep hole pumps covered with a leafy jungle print! Three different colors to choose from and available at Charlotte Russe for $22.99.

Give this butterfly scarf a try with a khaki colored shirt dress to snazz it up a bit. An absolute steal at $5.80 from Forever 21.

Check out this amazing tree patterned dress from Delia's. Its light cotton material is just what is needed on a hot summer day! Price tag: $39.50

And finally I found this spectacular wallet from Urban Outfitters for $36. I love the cool sumi ink inspired watercolor print in the background but most of all I LOVE the gold snake especially because his tail wraps around the entire wallet and also serves its purpose as the snap closure! How innovative :)

Now that's a pretty easy trend to incorporate into your lifestyle...don't you think? Especially if you have a fondness for a particular creature, flower, etc. If nature makes it you are bound to find it on an article of clothing or a pair of earrings or something you can wear! So get looking!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stripes: Beyond Black and White

We've all seen chic prisonesque striped garb but this year stripes are totally fresh bright and fun! We are seeing lots of mixed patterns, directions and colors with our stripes which tends to go with the theme of this spring and summer.

Today is my first segment on stripes and I will be taking you past the traditional black and white striped shirt and showing you far more exciting tops for you to indulge in! I will be doing some future blogging about where else you will be finding these lovely lines....but for today it's all about the striped shirt!

As we all know the brighter and bolder you are this season the better! This shirt is the perfect example, tons of color, tons of pattern and you have to love the kimono sleeves.
Available at Lulu's for $49.

This next shirt is very well put together. It has a crisp and classic look with it's off the shoulder design and tie around the waist. From Victoria's Secret for $39.

This next choice is a great example of mixing up the directions of the stripes. It's ok to mismatch a little! This one is from Macy's for $36.75.

And finally I have picked this one from Arden B for $58. I love all the various widths of the stripes but most of all I love the little crochet detail in the center which makes it very sweet and romantic!

Well my friends there we have it! Keep your eye out for Part II of my stripe edition because there are many many more places these stripes are popping up!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

April Showers...

...bring May flowers! Ok, so it is not yet April but it is quickly approaching and with these rainy months you will need essential spring outerwear. Most importantly you will need a trench coat! The iconic trench coat is a spring classic and will forever return. However, we are seeing some real unique takes on the old stand by and here are a few of my absolute favorite trench coats for this season.

First up is this one from NY & Co. This coat is the traditional style double-breasted trench but it is available in a fun vibrant blue which makes it perfect for this spring. Even better is that it is $49.95!

Ready for a real twist? Check out this great trench coat from Target. The best part of this coat is that it has a superb funnel neck which makes it completely different and not to mention it is in vivid red! This one is $69.99.

Here is an unbelievable deal once again from Forever 21. This is a great variation of a classic black trench first of all it is all satin and secondly it has dramatic puffy sleeves! $34.80 for this one!

My final selection is this one from Tulle. It nicely incorporates the ruffle trend without being to frilly. $85 and available in three colors.

There are so many great choices when shopping for a trench coat! I hope you enjoyed some of these great finds. When you have a lovely coat like one of these you won't mind all the rain so much!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Hippity Hoppity...

Easter is on its way! Do you have your Easter dress picked out??? Think of two important spring trends when picking out your dress. Bright. Floral. Those should be in the forefront of your mind when contemplating your outfit.

Check out these gems!

This dress from JcPenney is spectacular! The colors are so vivid and the bead and sequin detailing makes this dress sparkle! Price: $59.99.

How about this lotus patterned chiffon dress from Forever 21. Only $24.80!

Black and white never looked so lively as it does in this dress from Ann Taylor Loft. I adore the lantern sleeves because they are something you don't often see on a dress. Also the hint of aqua color is just enough and would stand out a bit more if you had a nice matching pair of shoes to go with this dress! This one will set you back $69...not bad!

And finally this number from Macy's. I like how the floral print is strictly on the skirt part of the dress which makes it a bit more formal. This dress is $160.

Well...waste no time and start looking! A stunning floral patterned dress is a must have for the season and trust me they are not hard to find!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Add Some Height!

Wedges continue to be a popular choice for the upcoming seasons. With so many varieties and styles you can easily spice up your outfit with the right wedge shoe. Not to mention they add great height and length to your legs....and who doesn't love the comfort of a wedge heel?

There are so many to choose from so I had an extra hard time trying to narrow down my selections but here are my top five all over best picks!

First up are these from Sears for $35.99. With basic black you can never go wrong! I love that the cork heel also has a little black block of color as well.

How about a splash of color? Red shoes can easily transform a nice outfit into a fantastic one! These are from Piperlime and are $40!

For something really fun try these satin shoes from Victoria's Secret. They come in two amazing patterns and also black and white. $49 each.

Nothings says summer like white sandals! Plus the detailing on the heels of these shoes makes them unique! Give these a try for $22.99 from Payless.

My absolute favorite pair would have to be these from Baker's. I adore their color and material but most of all the peak hole in the heel! Gorgeous! On sale for $49.99!

That's my round up for today! So, give you feet a break from stilettos and try some wedges! It's beginning to be that time of year again!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Simple Geometrics!

Squares, circles, triangles, octagons! Anything goes with the new graphic prints that you are seeing everywhere nowadays! Geometry never looked so good! So enjoy it while it lasts and find your perfectly bold top or dress.

For my list of favorites let's start off with this tunic from Old Navy. It's flashy but also very feminine. Best part it's $12.99!

For a very mod look try this light tunic from Express. With this top you still have the great graphic print but it's not as vibrant in color which makes it less intimidating for some. This top is $59.50.

Why don't you give a dress a try with an eye-catching pattern? This great dress from Target has an amazing circular pattern and in black and white it is sure to stay in style for quite some time. Only $26.99!

My final selection is this silk blouse from bebe. Its stunning cubic print ties in nicely with the braided waistband. Truly elegant; however, a bit more expensive at $79.

I hope this has given you some ideas on some geometric styles you may like to try. Until next time...enjoy a little abstraction!