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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flower Power!

How about adding just a dash of floral to your getup? Spring is most definitely upon us and nothing gets us more amped up about its arrival than seeing the first blooms. So...speed up the process start accessorizing with blossoming designs.

The best part about these picks? These never wither and die!

First up is this great cocktail ring from Urban Outfitters is $18. It makes a great focal point and the soft rose hue could match up with several outfits.

Another gorgeous option is this brooch with small yellow floret accents. This one can be found at Long Hair Girl Accessories for $11.99.

Love the timeless strand of pearls? Than you should try the trendy and modern version like this Y necklace from Kohl's for $22. Sweet and delicate with the added porcelain rosebud.

My final selection is a steal at $7.99 this fancy flower hair pin is the perfect accessory. Available in nine different colors. This piece is also from Long Hair Girl.

There ya have it folks! A little bit of everything today. I hope you find something that interests you. Spring is just around the corner....

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Rosebud Collection said...

Each day you get better..Love the ring. I am partial to rings anyway.