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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wrap These Scarves Around A Cozy Spring!

Just because warmer days are approaching us doesn't mean that the scarf is on vacation! Actually scarves are becoming increasingly popular for spring and summer.

Think your outfit is looking boring? Add a little zip with a colored or patterned scarf.
There are plenty of light and crisp scarves to choose from and here is my list of favorite picks!

This first scarf is single colored and comes in vivid shades of yellow, green and blue. The sheer crinkled texture is ideal for warmer climates. It's long and could be wrapped in countless varieties...use your imagination! Available at Ann Taylor loft for $29!

Want a printed scarf? Try this one from Old Navy. It's available in several bright and geometric patterns. I am partial to this one in brown and pink. Only $9.50!!!

Looking for a more natural toned scarf? Check this find from Delia's for $12.50!

And for my final pick a more traditional scarf which you can try out all your scarf tying techniques. This one is an airy cotton/silk blend and the poppy design is perfect for spring.

Not sure how to tie a scarf? Check out some online tips here.

Those are my affordable and adorable scarf picks of the day. So experiment and have fun with them. They are a great way to turn a lackluster outfit stylish!


Rosebud Collection said...

I love the scarves..You do great research on things..

Robert said...

Nice scarves. I see a lot more women with them on in the warm months. I'll forward this to the women I know.

candypegram said...

very cool scarves...definitely would spice up some warm outfits!