I love fashion and I want you to as well! I have my eye out for the trends and my eye on the classics!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome My Fashionable Friends!

This blog is going to be a basic how-to in terms of incorporating fashion trends and fashion classics into your life! I will be offering my opinions on the must-have pieces, accessories etc. that will happily boost you into fashiondom.
My blog is for the everyday fashionista who wants to keep up with the ever-changing fashion world but would also like to find items that won't leave you stealing quarters from your child's piggy bank!
Fear not I will do the research for you and scout out tons of reasonably priced must haves!
My entries will have the latest trends and samples of each. See something you like...click on the link and you are ready to purchase them.
So please be on the look out for my first fashion alert where I will discuss my favorite thing about Spring '08 fashion!


James said...

I Love your blog! I can't wait to read more!!

Rosebud Collection said...

Wow oh Wow..what a great idea you have..I can't wait to read it every day...Very happy someone like you is out there.

Connie said...

Girl you are on the ball!!! Just what I need is a person with some fashion sense to lead me to the hottest and sexiest trends!! Your sure going to make my life simple!!
Thanks! Spring color here I come!

steve said...

If I had your eye for fashion, I'd be working for a high end fashion magazine. Nice job!