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Friday, February 29, 2008

Tired Of Jumping Through Hoops.....?

...then start wearing them instead! Hoops are certainly a classic, they have been around forever and just continue to get better! This season the bigger and bolder they are the better they are! Make them the feature of your outfit and go for some real dramatic sorts!

Start with these amazing gold tone hoops from Urban Outfitters. They are large and gorgeous with faceted gems and beads. Now on sale for $6.99!!!

Want something a little more simple? Look at these made by Lucky Brand and available at Dillards for $22. Chic and sophisticated with plenty of volume.

This next pair are truly striking with the dark black enamel and shiny gold. The new bamboo style earrings are beautiful and so far these are my favorites! From Guess for $25.

And last but never least are these from Old Navy. Uncomplicated and functional these come in five different colors and are a great deal at $7.50!

A little something for everyone! I hope you like my picks for today. Hoops are great to play around with and there are tons of diverse styles out there. So start your quest to find you pair of signature hoops!


Rosebud Collection said...

I love all of them..boy, your good.

Connie said...

Love hoops!!! My all time favorite earrings!! Great variety!!