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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Simple Geometrics!

Squares, circles, triangles, octagons! Anything goes with the new graphic prints that you are seeing everywhere nowadays! Geometry never looked so good! So enjoy it while it lasts and find your perfectly bold top or dress.

For my list of favorites let's start off with this tunic from Old Navy. It's flashy but also very feminine. Best part it's $12.99!

For a very mod look try this light tunic from Express. With this top you still have the great graphic print but it's not as vibrant in color which makes it less intimidating for some. This top is $59.50.

Why don't you give a dress a try with an eye-catching pattern? This great dress from Target has an amazing circular pattern and in black and white it is sure to stay in style for quite some time. Only $26.99!

My final selection is this silk blouse from bebe. Its stunning cubic print ties in nicely with the braided waistband. Truly elegant; however, a bit more expensive at $79.

I hope this has given you some ideas on some geometric styles you may like to try. Until next time...enjoy a little abstraction!


missknits said...

just love that silk top! but they are all great! thanks for sharing!! you've got great taste! lol

Rosebud Collection said...

Silk blouse is neat..wow, you do good in picking clothes.

Blaze said...

Great finds!! :) I am very impressed with the old navy piece too! I love when things are cheap! (clothes at least! ;))

Connie said...

Once again your taste is off the charts!