I love fashion and I want you to as well! I have my eye out for the trends and my eye on the classics!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Tired Of Jumping Through Hoops.....?

...then start wearing them instead! Hoops are certainly a classic, they have been around forever and just continue to get better! This season the bigger and bolder they are the better they are! Make them the feature of your outfit and go for some real dramatic sorts!

Start with these amazing gold tone hoops from Urban Outfitters. They are large and gorgeous with faceted gems and beads. Now on sale for $6.99!!!

Want something a little more simple? Look at these made by Lucky Brand and available at Dillards for $22. Chic and sophisticated with plenty of volume.

This next pair are truly striking with the dark black enamel and shiny gold. The new bamboo style earrings are beautiful and so far these are my favorites! From Guess for $25.

And last but never least are these from Old Navy. Uncomplicated and functional these come in five different colors and are a great deal at $7.50!

A little something for everyone! I hope you like my picks for today. Hoops are great to play around with and there are tons of diverse styles out there. So start your quest to find you pair of signature hoops!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's A Shirt....NO! A Dress!

Shirt dresses are huge this season and also very practical! They work wonderfully as a day dress and are quite comfortable. You can dress them up nicely with some nice chunky jewelry and a pair of your favorite wedged heels or you can go for the all over comfort and wear a cozy pair of flats.

Here are my choices for best price and value!

I love red especially in this type of dress because it is still flashy but not too overwhelming. This dress is from Ann Taylor Loft and the price is $49.99!

How about this classic fitted shirt dress from Spiegel? Available in a wide array of colors and comes with a pretty belt for $69.

Like the idea of a shirt dress but wished for one a bit more feminine? Then this one is for you! From Victoria Secret this dress has sweet cap sleeves and a full skirt. Also available in many colors for $99.

My final pick is this one from Target. This dress is wonderful because the style is much like that from the 1950's which makes it stand out from the other shirt dresses you'll be seeing. Only $44.99.

Those are my choices for today! Hope you enjoyed them and found one you liked!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Color Is On The Block!

Bold blocks of color are being seen on virtually all articles of clothing. The contrast between a dark block of color and a bright block next to it is what you will be seeing the most. However, also popular is color blocking the same color but in different shades. There are tons of combinations out there to allow you to get as wild as you want.

My first selection is this linen color block dress available at Macy's for $69 which is not a bad deal for a dress! The zig zag design takes color blocking to a whole new level!

If you are looking for an everyday shirt to pair with your jeans than this one is it. This light tunic is only $39.99 from Bluefly.

This next top also pairs nicely with jeans but is also a superb example of same color, different shade color blocking! You can purchase this one at LuLu's for $32.

Want a skirt? Try this one from Express. It's subtle design can be worn for many occasions. 100% silk for $59.50.

This last dress I loved so much I had to put both color options for you to look at! Tons of blocks of color and gorgeous detailing. Which color do you prefer? These dresses are from Kohl's and only $36.99!

We just scratched the surface of this flashy trend. Don't forget to keep your eyes out for shoes, hand bags and other accessories also sporting this fun motif.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flower Power!

How about adding just a dash of floral to your getup? Spring is most definitely upon us and nothing gets us more amped up about its arrival than seeing the first blooms. So...speed up the process start accessorizing with blossoming designs.

The best part about these picks? These never wither and die!

First up is this great cocktail ring from Urban Outfitters is $18. It makes a great focal point and the soft rose hue could match up with several outfits.

Another gorgeous option is this brooch with small yellow floret accents. This one can be found at Long Hair Girl Accessories for $11.99.

Love the timeless strand of pearls? Than you should try the trendy and modern version like this Y necklace from Kohl's for $22. Sweet and delicate with the added porcelain rosebud.

My final selection is a steal at $7.99 this fancy flower hair pin is the perfect accessory. Available in nine different colors. This piece is also from Long Hair Girl.

There ya have it folks! A little bit of everything today. I hope you find something that interests you. Spring is just around the corner....

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Ok To Embelish A Little...

Tops with sequin, jeweled and studded embellishments are a great new addition to any wardrobe. These versatile pieces can add just enough sparkle to your everyday outfit without making you seem too "dressed up."

Here are some of my favored selections:

This keyhole tank has the perfect amount of jewel studs added to the neckline. In basic black you could pair it with just about anything. On sale for $25 at Newport News.

Give a fun print a try! The neckline and sleeves are filled with shimmering sequins and rhinestones on this breezy sheer top. Available at Charlotte Russe for $19.99.

Want something a little more basic? Then this next top is your match. Gray and silver sequin detailing for $13.99 at Target!

As per usual I have saved the best (in my opinion) for last! I adore the gold accents around the scooped neck and the draping of this tunic. A perfect piece for a special night out. Only $27.80 from Forever21.

Well, there you have them my friends! So tell me, which is your favorite?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stack 'Em Up!

Bangles that is! Large, chunky bangles will be a very important accessory for the upcoming seasons and you should definitely give them a try. Whether you'd like to stack several up your arm or choose just one as a focal point, they pair nicely with floral printed and neutral colored clothing.

Here is a list of my favorite findings!

First up is this one from NY & Co. It's natural color and subtle golden studs can be paired with almost any outfit. At $11.37 it's a real steal!

Want a real eye-catching piece? Try this bangle from Express. The swirling pattern and color contrast will certainly attract attention. These are $26.50.

How about one that has tons of delicate accents? This multicolored bangle has wire strands of sparkling beads. Only $12.99!

And for my favorite and final pick this one from Dillard's. This three layered bangle has the sweetest detailing with a small little charm. On sale for $11.25!!!

Hope you enjoyed my choices for today! Try a bangle or two for your jewelry accessory of the season. They are a ton of fun and extremely versatile.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wrap These Scarves Around A Cozy Spring!

Just because warmer days are approaching us doesn't mean that the scarf is on vacation! Actually scarves are becoming increasingly popular for spring and summer.

Think your outfit is looking boring? Add a little zip with a colored or patterned scarf.
There are plenty of light and crisp scarves to choose from and here is my list of favorite picks!

This first scarf is single colored and comes in vivid shades of yellow, green and blue. The sheer crinkled texture is ideal for warmer climates. It's long and could be wrapped in countless varieties...use your imagination! Available at Ann Taylor loft for $29!

Want a printed scarf? Try this one from Old Navy. It's available in several bright and geometric patterns. I am partial to this one in brown and pink. Only $9.50!!!

Looking for a more natural toned scarf? Check this find from Delia's for $12.50!

And for my final pick a more traditional scarf which you can try out all your scarf tying techniques. This one is an airy cotton/silk blend and the poppy design is perfect for spring.

Not sure how to tie a scarf? Check out some online tips here.

Those are my affordable and adorable scarf picks of the day. So experiment and have fun with them. They are a great way to turn a lackluster outfit stylish!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ruffle Some Feathers!

From the adorably sweet to the insanely dramatic, ruffles are getting a lot of attention these days! They are being seen on all articles of clothing and accessories (I hope they don't return on men's tuxedos!!!) and offer a touch of femininity to your ensemble.

I say start with a solid colored, moderately ruffled shirt to add to your closet. Crazy patterned ruffle shirts will definitely out date themselves quicker than a sleek single colored one.

Here are some of my top picks:

First on my list of incredible deals is this crisp blouse. It's tailored frame and ribbon accent give it just the right amount of elegance that you could easily where this from work to dinner. And hey treat yourself to a good restaurant because the price for this is only $24.80 brought to you by Forever21.

This next top fits in two fashion trend categories: brights and ruffles! This is absolutely my favorite pick for today. The flashy hue of green is perfect color for spring and the belted detail cinches nicely at the waist. At $24.50 from Wet Seal you can't afford not to have it!

Now for something all together sweet. I love this shirt because it includes both the delicate ruffles with the soft bubble sleeves! So chic and only $38 from Macy's!

And finally a dark purple silk top with light dot impressions. I imagine this top with wide legged black trousers and sparkling accessories...like perhaps some chandelier earrings. This one is slightly more expensive at $58.00 and available at Urban Outfitters.

There they are, my top picks of the day! So don't be afraid to ruffle some feathers, would ya?!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Favorite Thing About Spring '08 Fashion Is...

COLOR! And I'm not talking about muted pastels that seem to only look good on egg shells. This spring is all about bright, vibrant, shocking colors!

Why not add some royal blue, canary yellow or fiery red to your spring attire? It's a delightful change and very simple to incorporate into your spring wardrobe.
Scared to take the plunge into the colorful world? Start small....like perhaps some eye-catching shoes.

I love these fabulously shiny shoes from Newport News! They will make a plain old outfit pop! They come in a variety of colors and the best part is that they are only $25

Give the typical bland jacket a twist and buy one in a canary yellow. Like this one from Target. Only $24.99! An inexpensive item with tons of potential! Pair it with you favorite jeans for a cute spring look.

How about a crisp cobalt tunic that you can easily dress up or down with some added accessories.
This on is from Forever21 and only $19.80!

A colorful clutch is the perfect way to kick up your simple black dress a notch or two. Try this vivid red clutch from Target. It's only $22.99 and you are bound to find countless uses for it.

Dresses featuring spring blooms in bold colors are what you will be seeing as the "it" dress of the season. Though I am trying to provide you with incredible deals I still have to include this magnificent dress. Though the price is not too unsightly it is still more on the expensive side. Made by BCBG and available at Bloomingdals. Price tag: $158. But worth every cent!

So there it is an overview of my favorite thing about Spring '08 fashion. So give your pastels a break and try on some brights!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome My Fashionable Friends!

This blog is going to be a basic how-to in terms of incorporating fashion trends and fashion classics into your life! I will be offering my opinions on the must-have pieces, accessories etc. that will happily boost you into fashiondom.
My blog is for the everyday fashionista who wants to keep up with the ever-changing fashion world but would also like to find items that won't leave you stealing quarters from your child's piggy bank!
Fear not I will do the research for you and scout out tons of reasonably priced must haves!
My entries will have the latest trends and samples of each. See something you like...click on the link and you are ready to purchase them.
So please be on the look out for my first fashion alert where I will discuss my favorite thing about Spring '08 fashion!